Vice Presidential Poll: Your Picks, My Thoughts

By Jedediah Bila

Yesterday I ran a twelve-hour poll on my website regarding Romney’s potential picks for vice president, to which 1,179 people responded. I had released the link to cast a vote on Twitter, Facebook, and to my website subscribers. Each voter was only permitted via the system to vote once.

The question and responses were as follows:

Of the following options, who would you most like to see as Romney’s VP?

 Total Votes: 1,179

Marco Rubio  41.39%  (488 votes)

Allen West  34.69%  (409 votes)

Paul Ryan  14.33%  (169 votes)

Susana Martinez  4.07%  (48 votes)

Tim Pawlenty  2.04%  (24 votes)

John Thune  1.78%  (21 votes)

Rob Portman  1.7%  (20 votes)

The results didn’t surprise me. Despite the push by many within the GOP establishment for what they define as “safe” options like Thune and Portman, most voters in this poll rejected those choices in favor of individuals who are bolder in both policy and delivery.

My assessment based on this poll and my daily interactions with regular Americans throughout the spectrum on the right is that most voters don’t fear Rubio’s intellectual charisma, West’s unapologetic honesty on controversial issues, or Ryan’s resolute commitment to entitlement reform. Instead, they shy away from those who characteristically exhibit bland delivery, policy wishy-washiness, and an inability to excite voters with either their records or the public presentation of their ideas.

In other words, most voters aren’t afraid of bold colors. It’s the pale pastels they’re just not that into.

My instinct tells me that by nature, Romney is a play-it-safe kind of guy. I think he is likely leaning heavily in the direction of Pawlenty and Portman.

However, is it possible that Romney recognizes the need right now for courageous policy and even more courageous messengers? Sure it is. And for the country’s sake, I certainly hope so.

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nancy genachaw
9 years ago

When going to the polls the rallying cry should be If you;re in you;re out……. VP pick Adam west.

10 years ago

General Petraeus or John Bolton would have more balance.

Jo-Ann DiPasquale
9 years ago
Reply to  Jean

Absolutely not-Patraus or Bolton, not for v .p. The liberal media would have a field day disgracing them both. I have always wanted Marco Rubio-#1, or Paul Ryan-#2. Portman would help us in Ohio, and Christie would blast every bit of Obama’s so-called administration and we love that!!!!!!!!!!!!! But if only Romney could persuade Rubio. He would help so much in getting the hispanic vote, young vote, not to mention Florida which he has to win to become our true President!!!! Marco, please save the United States of America!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 years ago

The presidency is important but the Senate and Congress are equally important. “Career politicians” should be voted out in favor of Patriots; politicians that are interested in governing this country “for the people” not “in spite of the people.”

Jerry Martin
10 years ago

Guess what, yes we have an incompetent president, but what’s been eroding our system as we know it is the ACLU and all the other left wingers that’s infiltrated our colleges, universities and mainstream organizations. They have an agenda to overthrow our free enterprise system and life as we know it and if folks don’t see this, it’s already too late. The ACLU has made a mockery of our judicial system. I blame the mainstream shameful news media for a lot of our country’s demise because they are no longer interested in our country but satisfying the left wing agenda of the likes of George Soros whom finances the core of the left wing.

10 years ago

Again I say forget best VP THINK WIN WIN Romney needs a minority to take votes from that unamerican. Come on think WIN

9 years ago
Reply to  Borden

I agree, it’s not a case of best candidate, best qualified; I mean look at obama had the least qualifications of all four in 2008.
It’s charisma, it’s popularity. It must be a case of who can beat obama, not who can step in if necessary.

I would have preferred Huckabee. Intelligent, honest and caring with morals…oooops.
Sorry I forgot none of those qualities are found in politicians.

Another commentor said that Ms Bila should not pick Rubio. She only reported what was sent in, neither she nor I said we support Rubio, we said “how to win an election” not who or what is right for America.

L. Yates
10 years ago

Interesting poll, but not surprising. The respondents are simplying following the talking-heads banter when they pick Rubio as #1. For sure, Romney is bland, but for sure, Americans may be scared to death of another wild card like Obama. We got change all right… or maybe I should say, “all left!” Rubio may be the best man for the #2 spot; but it’s still the #1 position we need to be praying about — Why isn’t Rubio or West or even Christie running for president? Do they know something (as apparently Hillary knows also) we don’t know about the next four years? It is apparent Republicans AND Democrats knew the economic train wreck that was coming after the last election.

10 years ago

None of the above. Want Chris Christie.

9 years ago
Reply to  Dianne

, quoting Cedar:”The prebolm with “ABO” is that it is tribal, and all about blind Party loyalty”For me, it has NOTHING to do with party loyalty. For one, I’m not a republican, but much more to the point, Obama policies are a disaster. Any of the remaining 4 would be a great improvement.____________________Ditto

Occam's Tool
10 years ago

I’m hoping for West. But I think Romney feels that he can bland into the White House. Obama is such a disaster, though.

Joseph F. Yates
10 years ago


Dean McIntire
10 years ago

Jedediah Bila should know that Mark Rubio is not qualified to be a VP. Everybody should know why this is true. Are we all this uninformed?

Dean McIntire
10 years ago

I would think that most people must realize that Mark Rubio can not qualify for VP. I am surprised that nobody is mentioning this. He is not a natural born US Citizen. Why would Jededhia Bila even offer his name in the poll?

Gary Johnson
10 years ago

What difference does it make who is Vice President. or President? Our problems are with the Congress and Senate.

No one man can cure the the great ills of our country. Every elected representative in Washington should be REPLACED!

These are the people who did not represent us when they should have.

Install term limits. Make lobbying illegal!

Allen West
10 years ago

Allen will be bold & will tell it like it is. He has 23 years in the military & can help Mitt in that area.

10 years ago

Romney’s ultimate VP cboice might be a “None of the above”, and will surprise all of us.
I suppose we are supposed to continue waiting around with abated breath.
{ YAWN }

10 years ago

Rubio or West would be my favorites.
However, even if Romney smashes Obama, things will not change much in Washington. There will still be far to many liberals gumming up the works. Washington is a broken city with broken values, corruption and indifference. We cannot seem to fix one thing wrong in America.

10 years ago

Romney will choose Portman, because it’s the “safe choice”. While West, Ryan, Rubio and others would make it a more balanced ticket, but that’s not how the GOP leadership thinks. They like “safe” just as much as Romney likes “safe”. By the way, any choice is on the GOP ticket is infinitely better than the train wreck we have in the White House now.

10 years ago

What difference does it really make? Choosing between Romney and Obama is like choosing between tweedle dee and tweedle dum. Their both bought and paid for by the same Wall Street trash who run the Treasury and Federal Reserve.

W in NYC
10 years ago
Reply to  Arthur

Looking at the list, I agree that Portman is the best choice to win in November. And winning is the objective. I wish he were better known, but I don’t think the press could make his selection the issue all the way to election day. He would make a good number two man, standing behind Romney, nodding and backing him up. Don’t forget that Romney himself has sufficient gravitas; he doesn’t need to be buoyed by his veep. And Portman is from Ohio, a key state.

10 years ago

Allen West is the best choice because of his military experience

Burton Harger
10 years ago

How about a different Allen than West? I’m talking about Allen Keyes. He’s a great conservative, but has always lacked the financial backing neeeded to win. Wtih Rmney’s money, wouldn’t these two make a great pair? He has served well in many capacities, he is well educated and quite articulate. Let’s here it for Allen Keyes!

10 years ago

Hands down, Congressman Allen West. His love and loyaly to this country is second to none. We also need a person who is security savvy and with a no nonsense approach to help build back a strong and solid America that the world has seen since after WW2.

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