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AMAC Chief Urges Members to Use Their Power as Voters to Protect Rights and Create Fiscal Sanity in D.C.

‘You don’t make the laws, but you elect the people that do.  Thus, you have power.’ –

BOHEMIA, NY, Dec 14 – “Rancor and resentment will not turn the clock back,” said Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.  “But active commitment to conservative principals and traditional American values will deter those who would lead the nation on a path to a socialist future.”

Weber made his comments in response an acrimonious backlash in some parts of the country resulting from President Obama’s re-election.  He cited a recent edition of London’s Daily Telegraph that published a “scathing commentary” on America’s post-election blues.  It stated that “disgruntled conservatives are making plans to oppose his every move over the next four years.”  The article is an “ugly view from abroad” that causes concern over our national resolve to remain a viable economic and political model for the world.

“We may have lost the presidential election but we did not lose our ability to resist unwelcome intrusions into our lives by ideologues who would have us abandon the legacy of our Founding Fathers.”

The AMAC chief urged the association’s half-million members to use their “power as voters” to help put the U.S. back on course.  “Supplement AMAC’s ongoing national efforts to ensure that Congress gets it right for seniors and the next generations of citizens.  Nag your elected local and national representatives, if you must.  Tell them that ‘we’re mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore,’ to quote Paddy Cheyevsky.”

Weber pointed to the “wins” we are achieving.  For example, he said, Michigan this week chose to become a right-to-work state diminishing the liberal cause there.  Indiana passed right-to-work legislation earlier this year.  So far, 24 states have opted to allow workers freedom of choice when it comes to paying union dues.

Meanwhile, Weber noted that 18 states have already opted out of Obamacare and that more are bound to join them before this week’s deadline for a decision.

“These developments are part of a coherent resistance movement designed to protect our individual rights and create fiscal sanity in Washington.  But it is up to each and every one of us to care enough to win in the end.  You don’t make the laws, but you elect the people that do.  Thus, you have power as a voter and we are urging you to use it,” Weber concluded.


NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Please contact John Grimaldi at 917-846-8485 or [email protected] to set up a chat.



The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation.  Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.

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Robert Morrow
9 years ago

I have written, phoned and personally handed letters of information to my So Representative and Senator and all I receive in return is more propaganda and not how they are really doing their best to destroy the Republic and take rights away from the Citizens. Also these Corrupt Elected Official have blood stained hands by aiding in the murders of the citizens by allowing uncontrolled Agencies like the FDA to allow poison drugs that kill not cure on the market and allow thousands of toxic chemical to be used in the food Supplies. Why, is this done? It is for profit so the nameless committee members can get the monetary kick back that buy off our corrupt Elected Senators and Representatives. How many more Children and Adults will be poisoned by toxic filled foods that made worse by bad drugs with a cost markup in the thousands of Percent? No one seem to address this problem as the FDA has murdered thousands each year and everyone thought the gun did it. I teach free cooking Classes which I named, How to Cook Outside the Government Poison Box. Chef Robert and one more point I know that my Senator and Representative has blood on their hands and I do not and never have trusted any Petty Bureaucrat or So called New Media in the last 60 years.

Bob Hill
9 years ago

obamanation said after being elected in 2008 that OUR Constituion was a barrier that he was going to do everything possible to remove. So far he has with success,because the people I have helped elect standaround and do nothing,because of fear. Fear of offending someone. Unfortunetly are party is eaten up with these placating moderates.These are the ones who said we should appease the illegal,the lazy,that we should not offend anyone even if we are telling the truth. They are not conservatives,they just tell themselves theyare. A frfiend said to me the other day that we just saw our last election. The she-devil {Hillary} will not run in 2016 and that obamanation and his cronies will do a end-a-round Congressand the Senate and get the ruler a third term AND WHO IS GOING TO FIGHT HIM

Daphne Krueger
9 years ago

The Comment by Michelle Obama; I think it was after the Christmas tree was lit. She skirted around the subject so not to mention the word Christmas. It is interesting that the people who are supposed to be offened, are asked and they aren’t offended at all.

Phil in Washington state
9 years ago

Using our power as voters may help if the electoral process is honest and if huge blocks of ignorant voters and even illegal aliens voting for benefits don’t overcome the wisdom of the middle class. There have been reports of major anomalies in the voting and results and even former president Jimmy Carter says corporate money has distorted the election process which is one of the worst in the developed world. One election with only two effective candidates isn’t enough choice. Will we ever learn that? Only one general election doesn’t even guarantee that the lesser of the two evils will win and how about the other issues that we can’t vote on and the controlled congress won’t touch because of corporate or PAC influences? Such as the income tax scam which has changed taxing from corporations to middle class folks as individual income taxpayers since World War II or about 1942. And the immigration scam going on since 1965 which is changing the character of the population and the electorate and scamming the middle class, which the lying proponents during the congressional hearings in 1965 assured would not be the case (ref.: former Democrat Senator the late Eugene J. McCarthy and his book “America: Colony of the World” and radio interviews).

9 years ago

I would still like to know when any group will file Impeachment charges against obama.

He has blantantly violated the Constitution 3-4 times.
First refused to enforce Federal immigration law – like it or not it is law! period.
The obama BUY a VOTE with immigration, welfare, etc. It proves many people will sell their soul for a handout.

If the president can pick and chose which laws he likes to obey or not, then I should get to chose what speed I drive at. Maybe I can choose to pay taxes or not, or drive on the wrong side of the road.

Second he does nothing to support freedom of religion, freedom or speech or right to bear arms.
All guarenteed in constitution.

Larry Manthey
9 years ago

After reading the comments I don’t see the word GOD mentioned anywhere.The only way this country will survive is to get the Lord back in our every day lives. The Christian community is to blame for obamas re-election. Also some NRA members who belong to unions. Thats a no brainer to vote for someone who wants to take your protection away. L.M.

9 years ago

I find it interesting that so many union defenders seem to think business cannot operate fairly and equitably without worker organization. That’s odd because many states (including my Texas) seem to be doing just fine without unions so their argument makes no sense today. There was a time when worker organization was needed to correct workplace problems but that day has long passed. Unions have become little more than ticks and they are slowly draining the life’s blood from their hosts.

9 years ago

I too feel the same way. America will never be the same again.

9 years ago

America will never be the same agaln as long as barack obama is in office.I refuse to acknowledge him as my president. A liar and a very hateful person is what he is.Republicans are beneath him and should always bow to him.This proud Republican won’t. I lower case the name on purpose. I am praying God will forgive me but I turn my TV every time he is on. He does not inpress me. Imay be old, dut I know a crook when I see one but in my humble opinion that is what barack is.I should have stayed in politics.I took my Bgrade and bow out.
Thank you for allowing me to say this to someone else.

kris Littlefield
9 years ago

What do we do? I’ve written my representative a number of times over the last 4 years and didn’t get any kind of response. So where do you go from here when they don’t even acknowledge you?

Angela M. Rosati
9 years ago

Since obama (lower case deliberate) won by a small margin, I suspect it. Why hasn’t he been impeached for overriding the American laws and the people in some of his actions. Is Benghazi insignificant?
He was elected by minorities and young people who think he’s a savior. The fools put a communist in the Oval Office and now we all must suffer. He must be thwarted and impeached; he’s a liar and a communist.

9 years ago

There is no way to impeach the President until we have actual, true conservatives in larger numbers in the Senate.
Plus “our” leader in the House will never do anything to cross the President. Think the conservatives in Congress have been threatened by Chicago standards to be silent. Just pray there is ONE in the House and ONE in the Senate to stand up on the eligibility issue (see Florida) and that is the ONLY thing that will stop this onslaught of Socialism.. Do we have ANY PATRIOTS left in the Congress? Or are they all too interested in getting re-elected to stand up for our Constitution.

9 years ago

The only thing I can add is DON’T vote R or D next time. They are both the same. I voted for the Constitution Party all the way. Question Why did Romney pick Paul Ryan as his running mate a 12 year veteran of Washington, why the Republican establishment turn against Colonel Allen West, a war hero who put his life on the line for over 20 years and at the end the PC police kicked him out of the Army for valuing the life of his men more than the feeeeelings of his enemy

Ronald Krueger
9 years ago

It seems Obama is trying to change the structure of THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA to THE DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA.
My question is, Are WE going to allow him to continue to do this?

Bob Hill
9 years ago
Reply to  Ronald Krueger

Ronald the way things look and are going I see no one in the future with power who can and will stop obamanation.

9 years ago

One of the things not anticipated by our Founders was the possibility that the people would eventually choose to elect representatives who are against many, if not all, the major principles that the country was founded on. The assumption of the time being that the people would not intentionally act in a way that was inherently detrimental to the long-term viability of the nation as a whole. In short, the Founders assumed that the people would have enough wisdom to realize that it was their responsibility to keep their elected representatives on a very short leash and ensure that if these individuals strayed too far from the core principles of the nation and the responsibilities to represent the people in a responsible fashion, that they be removed by the voters.

Today we have a large number of elected representatives, both in the White House and Congress, that largely view the people as a mere annoyance to be pacified every two, four or six years in order to be re-elected. Once re-elected, they continue to “run the country” pretty much as they see fit. With representatives holding office for decades, a concept never envisioned by the Founders, and much of the electorate either oblivious to what is being done, supposedly on their behalf, or willfully ignorant as long as they get something “free” from the government, there is no effective oversight today.

Today we have countless government agencies, none of which are accountable to the voters and more of which are being created, drafting thousands of new rules and regulations each month. Very few of these rules and regulations are either cost effective or beneficial to the country as a whole. Many are being drafted by political ideologues who view our nation as place badly conceived from the start and in need of major “transformation” into a “more just and equal” society. Of course those policies just happen to coincide with those tried and failed policies that exist in many socialist countries around the world that are in various states of economic collapse.

Marvin Bowers
9 years ago

This country has lost it’s way. Too may regulations and not enough common sense. Parents have expected their children to be raised by the school system. No punishment is allowed. Children cuss teachers out and nothing is done. What do you expect of that child when he or she grows up? They turn into Congress men and women that have no concern for anyone except themselves and their agenda.
Wake up America, turn back to the founders belief and system of checks and balances. We are on the verge of losing this country when the president can sidestep the constitution. We allow people to vote when they don’t even know how the system works. Illegals are allowed to vote…No picture is necessary to prove who you are…Bus loads of mental ill patients are allowed to vote even though they don’t even know they are in the world.
Christians are pushed aside. Muslims are given a free ride, because we don’t want to offend anyone. We had better start offending someone unless we want to be taken over by an outside force. I could continue, but you get the point.

Roy Bryant
9 years ago

I have been reading The Federal Reserve Act, enacted July 26, 1935–44 U.S.C. Chap. 15. Help me here. Where is the part that sets a time period during which Congress can rescind and nullify a suggested impending regulation? Did I just dream that?

John Sowers
9 years ago

Let’s not confuse laws and regulations. The latter are what the EPA crank out in volumes; it justifies their existence and “sky is falling” beliefs and behavior.

Ron Jones
9 years ago

I disagree with the statement “You don’t make the laws, but you elect the people that do. Thus, you have power.” In fact we elect people who grant power to bureaucrats who do make law. For instance, Congress did not pass a law that regulates CO2 (and more recently rainwater) as a polutant. Instead, Conress created a Federal agency, the EPA and granted it the power to make law. Unelected bureaucrats within the FDA make law concerning the environment, not the Congress.

9 years ago
Reply to  Ron Jones

Regulations are laws, they carry penalties of imprisoment or fines

According to our constitution the Congress is suppose to be the lawmakeing body however our politicians have permitted /granted them the authority to circumvent the constitutional process

9 years ago
Reply to  Ron Jones

Suggest reading “Nullification- how to resist federal tyranny in the 21st century”.

Michael Odette
9 years ago

I’ve never been much for politics, but ever since the man from Kenya somehow got elected to the highest office in the land; I’ve watched and listened in great interest to how he is steering this country. I’ve been ardently listening to the “MIke Huckabee” show and Michael Medved and both agree that what Obama is up to is contrary to the Constitution and in fact Illegal! If so, why in the world can’t he be removed from office? It’s pretty clear to me that this man is out to ruin this country! He supports the Muslim Brotherhood and the explosive situation in the Middle East is an attest to this. He said he wanted transparency in his presidency and I can clearly see what he’s doing!
Again why can’t he be removed from office? By the way, I’m 72 years old and still working full time with the same company since 1986 and I’m really concerned as to what’s going to happen in the coming year and beyond.
I know that I’m on the downhill slide towards my end and in a way it’s almost comforting to know that I just might not live to see this country’s ruin. I’m a 20 year Air Force veteran too.

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