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Watch Out for Iran – Absolutely No Appeasement


Things are changing fast in Iran – and the Biden team needs to take stock. Accidental wars missed opportunities, regrettable world events often start with missed signals, converging currents, small events that turn out to be significant. Such events are afoot in Iran and beyond.

First, a high-fear, low-turnout “election” in Iran – controlled by a repressive Islamic theological cabal – just “elected” Ebrahim Raisi, that country’s new President. Departing President Hassan Rouhani had no third term while leading competitors were “disqualified” prior to the vote. Such is the power of a radical theocracy.

The ascension of Raisi raises serious diplomatic questions. He was sanctioned by the United States “for executing thousands of political prisoners in the 1980s.” This is the person with whom Biden, aided by backroom Kerry, would presumably since a second “nuclear deal,’ in Washington-talk “JCPOA” (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), or second money tree.

This alone should get your goat. Add a second fact, new concern. Earlier this month, undiscussed in most press, Biden reversed the sanctions Trump and Pompeo placed on Iran’s major oil players – in late 2020. You did not hear that? Few did. Thank the media.

Yes, the Wall Street Journal caught it on June 10, several outlets thereafter, but even in those stories, details were sparse. Biden – hard-driven in Geneva to reopen the nuclear accord – decided to lift sanctions on “three former Iranian officials and several energy companies amid stalled nuclear negotiations, signaling Washington’s willingness to further ease economic pressure on Iran if the country changes course.” See, e.g., U.S. Lifts Some Iran Sanctions Amid Stalled Nuclear Talks. Bluntly, nothing justified lifting sanctions on Iran.

Weakness begets weakness, and Iran promptly demanded more. They are not yet at a new load of Obama-Biden cash for nothing but want a swift end to Trump-Pompeo sanctions. They can smell blood. They think Biden-Harris, weak and off cue, are desperate for an unverifiable Nuclear Deal 2.0.

They want to squeeze Biden for all they can get – and are.

Notably, if you scroll back to mid-2020, Trump and Pompeo foresaw potential Biden backsliding with Iran, so they imposed the added sanctions. Trump hit Iran’s oil income – because it finances terror through Hezbollah and Hamas, which recently fired 4000 missiles to Israel.

In October 2020, the Washington Post called them “crushing sanctions.” Hardly. But they were another weight on the scale, what some in the media promptly called a Biden “bargaining chip.” Trump would not let Iran continue to finance terror – or nuclear weapons development – so kept pressure on. That set of later 2020 sanctions reinforced Trump’s prior resolve to trigger “snap back” sanctions for Iranian duplicity. See, e.g., Trump sanctions could give Biden a bargaining chip in deal talks with Iran.

In short, Biden quietly undid what Trump had done – sanctions holding Iran accountable, pressing them to come clean, end nuclear weapons, stop massive human rights violations.

Trump-like Reagan with the Soviets – called a spade a spade, as in China. Biden balked.

Third fact:

China is pushing Biden hard to lift all sanctions on Iran, saying Iran is justified in not re-upping a nuclear accord – if Biden will not lift Trump’s sanctions. The two countries are playing Biden, as Russia and China are. If it were not so serious, it might be a Broadway play.

Only it is serious. What we are seeing is the confluence of ambitious, radical leadership in Iran, a fading American president, and aggressive adversaries – a wolfpack of China, Iran, and Russia, prowling the perimeter of low-burning guard fires.

What does all this mean?

First, it means that Republicans – and many moderate Democrats who place country, national security, long-term stability above politics – should sit up straight and understand the stakes.

Second, it means Iran will push hard to get all sanctions lifted now – and Biden may bend, break, betray the principle of “peace through strength.” Liberal media are pushing Biden to cave. See, e.g., For Biden, Iranian Hard-liner May Be Best Path to Restoring Nuclear Deal.

Third, it means – like “shadows on the cave wall,” from Plato’s Republic – China sees what is happening, understands the meaning of Biden’s weakness toward Iran and Russia.

China has an opportunity to make hay.

China may place fighters on their artificial islands, take a shot at islands disputed with Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, and across the region, or test a Taiwan strike. See, e.g., Foreign policy experts divided on whether Putin-Biden summit emboldened China | Fox News.

Nor is China alone.

Russia sees all this, coming off a Putin-boosting, walk-over encounter with Biden. Putin is immoral but smart enough to see when the dealer is asleep.

Biden looked more asleep than awake and mostly asleep when he was awake. Result?

Watch for more “criminal” ransomware hits on US critical infrastructure. Watch Ukraine, and in the spirit of MacArthur’s surprise action at Inchon, watch for surprises, perhaps Russian action in the Baltics.

In short, Iran is a live wire, a threat to Israel and the region, but needs Biden-Harris to lift Trump’s sanctions – and refinance more terror and mayhem. China is egging them on, Europeans afraid of Iran, tight with China, dependent on Russia for energy. Russia is watching, almost drooling.

Biden needs to wake up, and his closest national security friends on the Hill need to wake with him, saying: Joe, hold the line now, understand this Iranian leader – see the horrors he committed, do not appease. If you do, China, Russia, and half the world will seize this moment. Accidental wars missed opportunities, and world history are rife with regret. Time to take stock, see how things add up, and hold that line. Absolutely no appeasement.

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2 months ago

If u think iran is bad. Wait what north korea does to obiden toes

Leighton Reid
2 months ago

June 25th marks the 25th anniversary of the murder of 19 of my fellow airmen and the wounding of several hundred more of us at Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia. Lifting of sanctions against the Iranian perpetrators by the Biden regime is a slap in the face to us survivors and dishonors the sacrifices made by the 19 who paid the ultimate price in the defense of their country. Yes this is personal President Biden, the troops deserve the backing of their Commander-In-Chief. Leighton Reid

Jack Thomas
2 months ago

To expect Iran to change its behavior is plain foolish. To expect Biden to hold the line against Iran, China, or Russia isn’t going to happen either.You might as well try rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic and expect a different result. Joe Biden has been sadly wrong on every major foreign policy decision of the last 40 years, including his 8 years as V.P. under Obama, according to former Defense Secretary Robert Gates. His current behavior during the G7 Summit, his lame meeting in Geneva with Putin, his willingness to renegotiate the Iran nuclear deal, caving to European pressure to lift sanctions on the Nordstream 2 pipeline, all confirm that he is running true to form —- weak,
ineffective,and outright disloyal to U.S. interests and those of our ally Israel

None of this would be happening if Donald J. Trump had been re-elected. Those of us who supported Trump knew this would be the case if Biden-Harris seized power. Which only reinforces
the old adage, “Elections have consequences.”.

2 months ago

I heard Biden say on CBS 2 weeks ago say,”America 1st is over!” I was appalled!

Patriot Will
2 months ago

China is using Iran to weaken US and Israel influence in the Middle East. Biden’s blind hatred of President Trump is helping to stink up the positive steps taken by the previous administration to keep Iran, China, and Russia under control. JB is like a jealous child that purposely destroys the work done by a smarter brother or sister. Biden’s blind rage can only do more and more harm to the balance of power in the Middle East.

2 months ago
Reply to  Patriot Will

Biden doesn’t just hate Trump, he hates everyone and everything that Trump stood up for. For those who cannot see this, Biden hates all US Citizens who love their Freedom and their country.

2 months ago
Reply to  Patriot Will

We all know the Pres. Biden and associates are just pawns being by a higher authority to destroy the Constitution and bring down the USA.

Bob L.
2 months ago

It’s impossible to negotiate with an insane, radical religion/political power. Eventually, either saner minds in Iran will have to seize power and it will be bloody, or the radicals will start a BAD war and have to be nuked. They will die rather than compromise or surrender.

John Karkalis
2 months ago
Reply to  Bob L.

Bob, the radical “rag headed” Mullahs who control Iran are unlikely to allow any sane voices to have any real power.
Nuking them is a pretty rough option, even though I have thought about it.
Putting a vise-like total economic squeeze on Iran seems the only viable solution.
Go after all their economic assets and let our “allies ” know if they make any trade deals with Iran we will take retributive action against them. Unfortunately that would take a strong gutsy leader, and I don’t think we will see him again until 2024.

2 months ago

Biden has done this with the backing of Obama. He is a traitor to the people along with obama. Why would anyone think they can appease the likes of Iran after all that has transpired. Pure evil cannot be appeased. You cannot reason with the unreasonable. They are idiots or also just as evil.

Janice Beaty
2 months ago

Biden as Obama and many others are selling us down the river. All deals made with ANY country should benefit the USA. If not then should continue to negotiate

2 months ago

We are being very stupid. And it is going to cost us dearly. It may cost us our nation. The ship is filling with water from all the holes the Biden administration has punched in the hull And to top it off, he’s ordered the bilge pumps to be run in reverse as our soultion!

2 months ago
Reply to  B4&After


2 months ago


You make very good points, but of course the Biden administration will heed none of them. Biden’s handlers have been tasked to get the United States back into the disastrous Obama era Iran nuclear agreement at all costs. Resurrecting the lone so-called foreign policy win of Obama is paramount. So the Biden administration will give Iran whatever it wants to achieve that goal. If that destabilizes the Middle East and threatens the security and world interests of the United States and its allies, so be it.

We don’t have an administration currently in power that is concerned with the long-term best interests of the United States and its people. That should be painfully evident after the recent G7 and Putin meetings, where the United States essentially adopted complete appeasement on all fronts. Yes, it is the completely wrong stance for the United States to take for a multitude of reasons, but it is none the less the reality we have before us.

Think of it this way. Say Chamberlain was replaced by Churchill after the disastrous deal with Hitler and then after a few years the people of England, for whatever insane reason, brought Chamberlain back BEFORE the war was over. While fighting was still intense and the outcome not certain. Rather than continuing to be part of the allied push to defeat Hitler, Chamberlain instead reversed course and adopted a return to his appeasement policies under a delusional mindset that Hitler wouldn’t push his advantage to conquer all of Europe. Even while Hitler was making daily speeches about doing just that. That is kind of what we have right now with Biden. The Mullahs are still screaming death to America daily and want to wipe us off the map and the Biden administration can’t bend over far enough to get us back into an agreement that would ensure Iran gets nuclear weapons and means to deliver them to us.

We had Obama make a one-sided deal with Iran, that essentially gave them everything they wanted and gives Iran a glide path to a nuclear weapon in 10 years. Trump comes in and rightly pulls us out of that insane agreement and imposes economic sanctions that cripple Iran’s ability to destabilize the Middle East. Now Biden wants to resurrect Obama’s agreement at all costs and is making it easier for Iran to generate revenue to fund terrorist actions throughout the Middle East. I fully expect the Biden administration will offer pallets of cash as a deal sweetener in the near future.

John Karkalis
2 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Paul, your analysis should be read by our fainthearted diplomatic establishment. One does not extend a hand to a jackal unless that hand is backed up with might and a mindset willing to use that might .
We saw the baleful outcome of Mr Biden’s “meeting” with former KGB operative, Vladimir Putin. Score one for the thug.
Certainly Europe could be a flashpoint for East-West confrontation, as could the far East, but I fear events in the Middle East spiraling out of control more than anything else. Iran is a very old nation, a successor to the great Persian empire of Cyrus the Great. The Iranians know their history. They are patient.
Sadly, we forget our history and opt for expediency. Making all this more volatile is the presence of our ally, Israel, the only nation in that part of the world that is a functioning democracy. Mr Trump promised to support Israel at all costs. Will Mr Biden follow that commitment?
Iran is upgrading its ability to produce fissionable material with more sophisticated centrifuges as I write this.
Joe Biden might trust that the radical mullahs will negotiate in good faith. I sure as h*ll don’t
Your reference to Churchill vis a vis Chamberlain was spot on.
When the Brits did get get around to voting Churchill out of office and replacing him with a “not ready for prime time” Clement Attlee, the great empire ended.
I am about to turn 81. Fortunately my cardiovascular system is robust from years of long distance running; but when Joe Biden heads overseas to negotiate with our enemies I hold my breath.
How long will it be before he hands over the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave to our adversaries?

2 months ago
Reply to  John Karkalis

I would say biden and obumer already handed the keys over. What is it going to take for the American citizens to stand up and stop the treason going on

Janice Beaty
2 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

I suspect you are correct

2 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Biden is a traitor.

Bill on the Hill
2 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

All valid points PaulE… Another well written article by Robert B. Charles of AMAC… Your comparison to Chamberlain during or rather just prior to WW11 is quite interesting with respect to his clueless understanding of Hitler’s true intentions with respect to England…In it’s time Chamberlain too became that ” BUFFOON ” as England’s leader & in very short order, only to have Churchill take over the reigns & deal with the catastrophe England now found itself in…
America does indeed find itself in a similar situation but on a much different scale with a mentally declining senior citizen as the potus, however make no mistake, America is at it’s weakest in my memory with the current O’Biden gangsters running Washington, DC…
The lifting of the IRAN oil sanctions was indeed done very quietly & here we are. As I understand it, both Iran & Russia are selling the US oil now. Let no one forget that from day 1, Biden shuts down the Keystone oil pipeline, putting 40,000 plus Americans out of work, almost instantly.
Now he cozies up to Russia & lifts the sanctions on the natural gas project going into Germany, the country we protect from Russia…The US has gone from a oil exporter to a oil importer & wholly by design of the O’Biden team…They want to bankrupt this nation as it is becoming painfully obvious.
Connect all the dots, all that is missing, is a WAR…Biden needs a war & he will get it in the middle east. More backroom deals & loads of cash to be had, simply ask General Lloyd Austin about the Iraqi oil proceeds he quietly transferred back into his accts. back in the states, all 12 million dollars worth less the commissions he paid to those willing to facilitate the transfer…Birds of a feather flock together & Austin makes for the perfect fit in the O’Biden administration…As to General Millus, I don’t know how much he was paid to turn on Trump & go full WOKE along with Austin, both are traitors in my book…
All the while this is playing itself out, the CCP of China is lurking & getting more aggressive with Taiwan with each passing day & at the same time they have their Manchurian Candidate in place doing their bidding, because they OWN Biden…Biden owes Russia too, part of that payback for the millions of dollars his son Hunter received from the wife of the Moscow mayor plays into monies owed, hence the ( 16 ) item list given to Putin personally by Biden on what infrastructure to stay away from in the states…
Such is the depravity of what is currently running the s**t show in Washington, DC…
Look at all these distraction folks: Does anyone remember the 2020 FRAUDULENT Presidential Election? I sure as hell do!
Bill on the Hill… :~)

John Karkalis
2 months ago

A pretty grim assessment, Bill on the hill. Unfortunately I can’t bring any cheer to this discussion. Allowing the natural gas pipeline through Western Europe to succeed is a very bitter pill to swallow, our European “allies” dependent on Russian largesse.
Apparently the only pipelines our leader will willingly cancel are those that supply America and employ its citizens. A peculiar Alice in Wonderland policy, indeed.
China is a clear and present danger. Now flexing its muscle in the South China Sea, determined to bring Taiwan back into the fold, how long will it be before Shih Jinping concludes the Persian Gulf lies within China’s sphere of influence?
Of course the White House assures us that Mr Biden’s diplomatic efforts have been a smashing success .
So smile and be happy!
I recall a Vice Presidential pick by a third party candidate years ago who introduced himself with, “Who am I? Why am I here?”
I can’t say that history repeats itself, but it sure tries hard to do so.

2 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Excellent historical analogy! Much to ponder, thank you!

2 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

PaulE, John K,and Bill: All of your assessments of the situation are spot on. The Middle East is the powder keg waiting to go up, the Asian theater has the Red Dragon getting ready for expansion, and the Russians massing forces against Ukraine. USA diplomacy is…nonexistent. Just a matter of time before the ball gets rolling on all fronts.

Bill on the Hill
2 months ago
Reply to  Max

There is (1) thing in all of this that gives me some hope for a brighter future for this country Max…That the lack of any movement on our militaries part, as in NO leaks whatsoever, in other words they will NOT give any advance notice on future actions that may or may not be in the works. I hope & pray this is all nothing more than a major sting operation that ultimately brings them all down. It won’t happen all at once, supposedly there is well over a 1000 indictments written & there will come a time when special council John Durham serves those papers on KEY DS players, but again, probably not all at once…I take comfort in knowing President Trump is still our Commander in Chief, he NEVER conceded & he saw this day coming when he wrote the 2018 Executive Order on the Domestic & Foreign Interference Law on our US elections… Trump doesn’t operate the same way the Democratic Deep State does. Trump will follow the Rule of Law as written in our Constitution… They absolutely have to get this right the ( 1st ) time, there will be no second chances…In the meantime, the audits will show the irregularities, i.e. FRAUD that was systemic across the entire nation & with ( 20 ) additional states now getting on board to have their audits performed. In truth, it will only take ( 1 ) state to bring the House of Cards down, i.e. Maricopa County, Arizona…This is the OPTICS part of the equation that all of America & the world is about to see & look at the reactions from the Colorado Democrat AG, it is priceless! Look at the reaction from Biden’s YES man, AG Garland with his veiled threats of Federal intervention, priceless! Arizona is a sovereign state along with the remaining 49 states, i.e. Federal Gov’t, GO HOME…
As the rock & roll song says, ” The Hangman is Coming & I don’t have very long! ”
God Bless America,
Bill on the Hill… :~)

2 months ago

I know to be patient for the right time.

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