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Weingarten Report Ep. 5: The January 6th Commission is a Wrongthink Inquisition

Continuing the discussion from last week’s episode on the collapsing Capitol Riot narrative, Ben plays devil’s advocate on Congress’s proposed January 6th Commission. SPOILER ALERT: It would have little to do with getting to the bottom of what happened that day and almost everything to do with railroading Trump supporters. Tune in for a deep dive into what the Democrat’s true intentions likely are.

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Jerry Loyd Caruthers
12 days ago

January 6th was not orchestrated by a well-organized group! They were average every day American citizens who were aggravated and disgruntled over being bombarded from four years of anti-American/ anti-capitalist propaganda, who genuinely felt that they were cheated out of a fair election! In the aftermath, while condemning the riot, the media and politicians should have also sympathized with their frustration? Instead, the corrupt media and socialist politicians immediately started demonizing 75 million of its fellow citizens, isolating and infuriating its opposition even further, strengthening its resolve! Barack Obama would have handled the situation a lot differently to calm the nation. If this had been a well-organized anarchist like Antifa or Black Lives Matter, Capitol Hill would have been burnt to the ground, and the House and Senate would have been forced to conduct business in a banquet hall! Please read the Communists Active Measures Manifesto/ Play book, everything I’m stating will make since!     

Joe from Las Vegas Nevada
4 months ago

We need to primary out all those Senator and Congressmen RINOs who voted for the commission. No matter which Republican we put in the White House in 2024, we need a Senate and House that will stand behind him or her.

Stephen Russell
4 months ago

Only for power & politics vs 9/11 Comm & Challenger Comm. Both sides to blame

4 months ago

“VS?” I don’t believe ANY “Commission” will end being NON-Agenda-driven (partisan?), including Warren, 9/11, Challenger (Political Billboards more to HIDE some truths and PROMOTE other agendas of both sides).

4 months ago

Listen to VDH talk about this date and the many fallacies surrounding making it exceptional. Like everything else the left does, lies and destruction are all that the left is about these days.

Pat Jandacek
4 months ago

I can hope those who listened took it all to heart whether they wish to comment or not! The left is a dangerous threat to all who oppose their outlook and that want that to be known without a doubt.

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