On a West Wing and a Prayer

from – FRC.org – by Tony Perkins

Since President Trump took office, he’s encouraged more than a few faith-based initiatives. But this one involves his own team! On a weekly basis, members of the Trump cabinet are meeting for a time of prayer and devotions. Together with Vice President Mike Pence, the group holds the sessions under the leadership of the Capitol Ministries’ Ralph Drollinger. “In terms of a country’s health and direction, when its leaders are seeking God, the nation is in a position to be blessed by God in ways that are ‘far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think,'” Drollinger told CBN.

Throwing open the door to Capitol Ministries, which also hosts weekly Bible studies in the House and Senate, is just one of the signs that the White House is under new management. After eight years of the most hostile attacks on faith in America, the simple fact that the administration is encouraging its people to live out their beliefs is a powerful example of the change taking root. And if anyone needs spiritual encouragement, it’s the men and women in the most influential seats in Washington. Although the president hasn’t attended yet, he has an open invitation. “This has been a wonderful time of prayer and fellowship as I am presently teaching through the Sermon on the Mount — as well has handing out my weekly written Bible study as a homework assignment on a particular topic,” Drollinger said.

Of course, the Trump administration isn’t the first to host Bible studies. George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, and Richard Nixon all took time out of their days for prayer and devotions. For so many, though, this simple show of faith is a breath of fresh air for leaders whose beliefs were suffocated under Barack Obama. Fortunately, Donald Trump and Mike Pence recognize that our government shouldn’t fear faith, but welcome it. And joining in office prayer is some on-the-job training we could all use!

Tony Perkins’ Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.

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