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What Kind of America Will You Choose?

Much of the media would have you believe that the upcoming elections are really just about personalities. Who’s more empathetic? Who’s more dignified? Who’s more likable?

The truth is, Americans won’t just be voting for a particular candidate Nov. 3, they will be choosing what kind of country they want to live in, work in, and raise their families in. They’ll be deciding what kind of America they believe in.

As you go to the polls, ask yourself these questions:

Which America do you want to live in? One that upholds your right to freedom of speech and religious beliefs? Or an America that says only certain views are acceptable in the public square, and shames, bullies, and cancels those who disagree?

What kind of America do you want to work in? One like we had before the pandemic hit, when more Americans than ever said they were better off financially than they were just a year ago? Or one that insists we return to more taxes, regulations, and mandates on both individuals and businesses.

What kind of America will you feel safest in? One that honors and respects our law enforcement officers for putting their lives on the line to keep our streets safe? Or an America that calls for defunding the police and permits lawlessness and chaos in our neighborhoods?

Do you want an America where parents are free to choose where their children are educated or one where ZIP codes determine a child’s only option and perhaps their future? Do you want an education system that empowers families and rewards schools that succeed or one that props up the status quo and continues to fund those that fail?

The same could be asked about health care—do you want more choices at better prices or do you prefer the government making more and more decisions about what coverage you can have, what doctor you can see, and what your plan will cost?

How about the role of the judiciary?

When you vote for president, you are also voting for what types of judges will sit on the Supreme Court and in courtrooms across the nation. Do you want jurists that will interpret the laws as written or ones that make laws from the bench? There is a big difference.

From the interpretation of the Second Amendment and whether one has a right to own a gun to defend themselves and their property to the meaning of the right to life, judges matter.

Do you want to live in an America where we control our own borders and where those seeking to come here obey our laws? Or do you prefer open borders where we have little say about who comes and who goes, rewarding those who jump the line, and also providing easy entry for those seeking to do us harm?

What about America’s economic and energy independence? When it comes to consumer goods, medical supplies, and critical resources such as oil and natural gas, do you want to live in a country that can and is producing those for itself or one beholden to regimes like China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia?

Do you prefer a country that upholds America’s values on the world stage or one that sells them out to garner approval from international elites at the United Nations or the World Health Organization?

Finally, do you want to live in an America where we honor our founding and our history while learning from our past, or one where monuments are defaced and destroyed and history books are rewritten?

These are the choices you face when you enter the voting booth in November. Don’t think for a moment that your vote doesn’t matter. Or that you can sit this one out. Or that this election is just a personality contest.

You will be deciding which America you want to live in, work in, and raise your family in. Which American you believe in. The question is, which America will you choose?

Reprinted with Permission from - Daily Signal by - Genevieve Wood

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Margie R
1 year ago

I believe this same way.

Janice Beaty
1 year ago

I am voting my Christian beliefs, RED, GO TRUMP, 2nd amendment 1st amendment. I AM FOR THE CONSTITUTION OF THE USA,

Robin L. Orenbuch
1 year ago

My wife and I voted the straight Republican ticket in person, early. There is no way I’m helping any collectivist.

Dave Hardy
1 year ago

The question is: Do believe in the American constitution as it was written or do you want it changed? Liberty and freedom are on the ballot. The only way the USA will cease to exist is in the hands of the citizens, external forces will not defeat us, only the citizens within.

Dahn Carey
1 year ago

It is very disturbing to see how much the MSM is in the business of controlling the minds of our citizens. I spoke with an 85 year old yesterday about the choices we face in this election and she has bought into the President Trump negative spin and propaganda 100%. She is a very intelligent lady but has always watched CNN and never questioned whether they were sharing facts or political spin. It’s very scary actually they way technology in this case has become very harmful to our Nation.

Matthew G Zatkalik
1 year ago

I can not just stop where you stopped! Kamala Harris and Joe Biden remind me of the old story: The Farmer and the Viper –  A farmer finds a viper nearly freezing to death in the snow. Taking pity on it, he picks it up and places it within his coat. The viper, revived by the warmth, bites his rescuer, who dies realizing that it is his own fault. Moral: (1) The farmer dies reproaching himself “for pitying a scoundrel,” or (2) The snake bit his benefactor “to teach the lesson not to expect a reward from the wicked.” Now, all we have left to do is identify which is the farmer and which is the snake. What? You’re done already? Don’t forget come Election Day.

1 year ago

Straight Republican I will never vote for a baby killer or a communist!

Tim D.
1 year ago

This isn’t a difficult decision. Vote smart for the America you want to pass down to your children and grandchildren. People will ALWAYS fail in their promises they say they’ll keep, but YOU will decide the face of the American dream for many generations to come. Don’t vote for a personality or a party, vote for the land of the free, and the home of the brave!

Donna Acker
1 year ago

Trump has accomplished more in 47 mos than Biden did in 47 yrs of being a politician. He’s also for saving babies! The left believes in abortion up to due date and some like Northam believe they should be able to terminate after birth.

Larry Hughes
1 year ago

Expect violence no mater who wins, if Trump wins, the communist will do everything in their power to destroy the country, if Biden wins, it will be the absolute last chance to save the Republic and the Constitution and American Patriots WILL go to war. 155 years ago he democrats lost the first civil war and now we are facing a second because they were allowed to continue to exist, don’t make the same mistake twice so that our great, great grandkids have to fight a third!

1 year ago
Reply to  Larry Hughes

Absolutely, we will have Civil War between the left and right (or Communists and Patriots, if you prefer), which will move into World War III, which means “Goodbye Cruel World”…if you want to avoid this chaos vote RED all the way November 3rd

George A Strutzel Jr
1 year ago

Have To Vote RED Period God Bless Donald God Bless the USA !!

R A White
1 year ago

Agree with the Article completely. Every vote is important and should not be on personalities but on results. Not been a member of AMAC very long but we are enjoying your informative style.

Frank Wyrick
1 year ago

I see our biggest problem is in our education system. Young people are not taught about our government as we were. Our schools have been hijacked by the liberals. Our children for many years have not learned our history and how our government works and so many young, 40 somethings, have been brainwashed to believe that socialism will be more fair than our republic. We need to take our schools and universities back!

1 year ago
Reply to  Frank Wyrick

Right on, this is one item on the Communist list is to control our schools. Bring back the education & discipline that schools had 40-50 years ago & the Socialism idea can be stopped.

1 year ago

I am voting not so much for personality but for a POTUS / Commander in Chief that that will stand up to the radicals of all stripes, brings jobs back to the US & maintains border control. He may not have many friends in the world but by God he stands up for America. He is not selling us down the river to the Chinese.

agnes Bikus
1 year ago

I am voting for President Trump. He is not the one who has started all this hatred, burning of cities etc… The Dems have initiated this and fueled by some of their richest. Donald Trump loves this country as do I and ran because of this. He is not taking a salary. He doesn’t need to. We should be proud of our country and live up to it instead of tearing it down. Satan is working his evil but we will overcome. We are one nation under God.

shawn r
1 year ago

Very thought-provoking. Living here in Northern California, professional politicians have done a very poor job!! Wildlands management has been non-existent, and now, wildfires are not only destroying thousands of acres but also making the air almost unbreathable. At times, the sun seems to set at 4pm because the smoke is so thick (even triggering photo-switches). Compounding the problems, you can’t enter stores without a mask on threat of arrest, so that even those of us who don’t have respiratory problems really struggle to breathe.
I’d love to vote in person, but I am “permanent absentee”. Originally back in the early 2000’s, my health required it. But now, here in Mendocino county, they struggle to find both locations and volunteers, so everyone “registered” is permanent-absentee status.
We really need people in office who care about their country first. People who have actually held jobs in the business world. People who have faith in a higher power. People who understand that payments cannot exceed income. People who want to help others (recover and go forward, as opposed to permanent handouts). But most of all, people who have good-old-common sense!

Gunny Joe
1 year ago
Reply to  shawn r

You need to move if you can, have live in SoCal. got out number of years ago. Now in home state, not the best but better by miles than any part of Cal.

Dennis E Math
1 year ago

We must all get out and vote and take any and everyone you know with you. Our very way of life depends on the outcome of this election more than at any time in my life and a young man I am not. I regard our Constitution and overall American way of life more than I can say and we must all vote together to maintain our very Americanism. The lefts ideals are despicable and perverse from forcing “self identified” male….females to compete with real biological females is despicable but allowing these perverts access to their “gender of choice” restrooms is…….something only an insane leftist could force upon normal people and these examples are nothing compared to the total destruction of our freedoms and way of life that the left is trying to ram down our throats and are even threatening to take violence to the streets should they not get the election results they desire.
Folks, do you really want to have the rule of law taken away along with police officers and then to also have our Second Amendment rights that enable us to protect ourselves from harm from both criminals and an out of control government? The left is literally out to kill our very way of life and to leave us helpless in the face of their tyranny.
Vote and honestly take friends, neighbors and associates along with you to vote as well and send a message to the perverse left they will never forget!

1 year ago

The largest number of votes are for Republican and Democrats–some people suggest third party. What are the chances that a third party could win. Voting for a third party is just taking votes away from the best party. The Republican party is the party of freedom–examples 1st and 2nd amendment, freedom to do with your money what you choose–sharing thru charities–better use of money–no middleman which is government. Democrats want to take your money and choose what to do with it thru a middleman–the government. Democrats want to take away your freedoms. If we want to stay free, we have to vote for the Republicans–that’s the bottom line.

Carol Gugler
1 year ago

I’m looking forward to seeing the Right win so we can continue to worship as we want; send our children to the best schools; have faith that those we elect will put our interests first and have safe streets again guarded by our Police departments. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP and U.S.A.

1 year ago

Naive folks that vote for Biden, are in fact voting for a Kakistocracy.

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