What We Can Expect from the Upcoming Trump-Kim Summit

North Korea USA America Kim Trump hard-line summitAs of this report, President Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-Un is set to take place on June 12 in Singapore. The summit will be historically significant for both nations, as no sitting U.S. president has ever met with a North Korean leader. Here are three major topics we can expect to be discussed at the summit.


Both leaders have made it clear that denuclearization is the focus of their meeting. While President Trump has repeatedly emphasized his goal of denuclearizing the entire Korean peninsula, we should not expect an agreement to be reached on nuclear weapons just yet.

“We’re not going to sign something,” President Trump said, later explaining that the summit would be the beginning of a process aiming to eventually have Kim Jong-Un eliminate North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. So although denuclearization is the president’s priority, it’s unlikely a final agreement will be reached in the June 12 meeting.

Not to mention, North Korea has an unreliable record with denuclearization plans, with leaders historically offering to eliminate the program only to backtrack on the proposal. Some Americans are skeptical of Kim’s intentions, believing he is only dragging out a long con and putting the United States through months – years, even – of negotiations, only to renege and turn their backs on any chance of ending the nuclear weapons program. Whether this is true or not, one thing is certain: President Trump will not back down. His high-pressure approach to the dictatorship’s nuclear program has been undeniably bold and completely different than that of any past U.S. leader, and it’s working. Our president has made it clear that he means business. For this reason, many Americans are confident that this time, rogue dictator Kim will comply.


Sanctions will also be a major point of discussion on June 12. President Trump has remained stern in refusing to lift the currently imposed sanctions on the country, even after Pyongyang has requested their removal.

In keeping with his goal to denuclearize the peninsula, President Trump placed the sanctions on North Korea due to the country’s nuclear weapons program. While the president has expressed willingness to eventually lift the sanctions, recently telling reporters, “I look forward to the day when I can take the sanctions off North Korea,” he has stated that he will not actually do so unless the country takes real steps towards denuclearization.

The Trump administration is prepared to issue new, tougher sanctions on the country if their weapons program persists. These new sanctions will affect countries that have been aiding North Korea in carrying out transactions following the current U.S. sanctions, including Russia, who has continued providing financial support to the communist dictatorship.

A Possible Treaty

President Trump has mentioned the possibility of a forthcoming peace treaty between South Korea and North Korea in his recent statements on the summit. If a joint agreement were to be reached between North and South Korea, it would be a momentous feat, since the military conflict between the two nations has been going on since the 1950s.

While the Korean War ended in 1953, Seoul and Pyongyang are technically still at war with one another, since the Korean conflict ended not with an official peace treaty, but with a truce.

Many Americans believe that President Donald Trump would be a worthy contender of a Nobel Peace Prize if, at the summit, he could arrange a peace treaty to finally end the conflict between the two nations. South Korean President Moon Jae-In has also expressed willingness to end the ongoing conflict. While there has been no decision yet on whether Moon will be attending the summit, the subject of a treaty will likely arise at the meeting.

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Ivan Berry
3 years ago

There is nothing noble in the Nobel. Were, per chance, Pres. Trump awarded it, the best option for him would be to turn it down or divert the proceeds to his favorite charity.
As far as S. Korea and Pres. Moon: Moon has too much in common with U.S. progressives to warrant much trust or confidence.
Who knows what will likely happen, but at least our President is at last, unlike others, really giving it an honest try.

Brian B
3 years ago

President Trump can expect posturing, stonewalling, deception, and arrogance. There is no honor in the Communist Camp. Kim Jong-Un is a war-monger and a slave-holder. He has no sense of morality or purpose, except to retain his power over an oppressed people, and then advance that power into South Korea. I have no expectations for a positive outcome. I hope I am wrong.

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