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Will the Backlash Against Radical Dems Begin in Virginia?

AMAC Exclusive

VirginiaThere won’t be another presidential election until 2024, and Americans will have to wait until next year to cast their ballots for members of Congress–but that doesn’t mean there aren’t important elections this year. The Virginia governor’s race is the first big test for Joe Biden and the Democrats in 2021. Despite recent Democratic dominance in the state, a Republican victory in Virginia could be an early indicator of backlash against a Democratic party that has used its control of the White House and razor-thin margins in the House and Senate to push increasingly radical legislation.

No Republican has won statewide in Virginia since 2009 – a startling and rapid reversal in a state that voted for the Republican presidential candidate in every election from 1964 until Barack Obama won Virginia in 2008. The shift has been driven in large part by massive population growth in the northern part of the state, particularly Arlington and Fairfax counties just outside Washington D.C. Many rural Virginians increasingly feel isolated and alienated by this change, as the Swamp-dwellers who occupy the ever-expanding sprawl of high-rise apartments and luxury condos in the D.C. suburbs dictate policies for the rest of the state which is mostly deep red.

Although any Republican will undoubtedly be an underdog in the race, there is an increasing prospect that the Democrat frontrunner, former Governor Terry McAuliffe, is compromising his general election appeal by tacking far left in the primary. McAuliffe held the governorship from 2013 until the current Governor, Ralph Northam, succeeded him in 2017, as Virginia law doesn’t permit governors to serve multiple terms consecutively.

Governor Northam faced controversy in 2019 after he admitted to being one of two people in a photo showing one person in blackface and another in Ku Klux Klan garb. He has endorsed McAuliffe. After initially calling for Northam to resign over the aforementioned incident, McAuliffe has accepted Northam’s endorsement.

Some pundits have also noted a growing dissatisfaction among voters with unified Democrat control of the Virginia House of Delegates, Senate, and the governorship. Virginia has undoubtedly leaned more Democratic in recent years, but it remains far more conservative than places like California or New York. Yet, Virginia Democrats in Richmond have nonetheless rammed through a far-left policy agenda, such as eliminating the death penalty and passing legislation that allows healthcare insurers to provide abortion coverage on-demand, largely repealing the state’s previous restrictions on abortion.

McAuliffe’s campaign appears to be taking cues from these left-wing policymakers in the State Assembly, ditching his prior image as a Clintonian moderate. The McAuliffe campaign website now states that the former governor “has spent his life championing progressive issues.” McAuliffe has become an outspoken critic of Second Amendment freedoms, calling for increased bans on firearms and ammunition, and says he is “proudly running with an “F” rating from the NRA.” In a recent tweet, McAuliffe called pro-religious liberty legislation “a license to discriminate,” and he is an open advocate for government-funded healthcare. During his previous term as governor, many of these far-left policies were often checked by a Republican state legislature. Now, McAuliffe says that his first term was “Just warming up. You give me a Democratic legislature; there is no stopping me.” In other words, formerly moderate McAuliffe is now an unabashed radical.

All of this could amount to a golden opportunity for Republicans to exploit as the Democratic party lurches left both nationally and in Virginia. Recent history also indicates that Virginia is not as much of a lost cause for Republicans as some may think. Although the GOP has lost recent races, it has kept the margins narrow even as national Republican groups such as the Republican Governors Association spent relatively little money in the state. During McAuliffe’s last campaign, a mere 56,435 votes separated him and his Republican opponent, Ken Cuccinelli. With a reinvigorated Republican Party in Virginia and ample outside support, a strong conservative candidate stands a real chance of denying McAuliffe another term.

Two businessmen, Glenn Youngkin and Pete Snyder, currently hold a slight edge in a crowded Republican primary field that features several strong candidates. Youngkin, who bills himself as a pro-Trump, entrepreneurial Republican, rose from washing dishes at a Virginia Beach diner to become CEO of the Carlyle Group, a major player in global private equity. Snyder is a William & Mary grad, was an early pioneer in digital marketing through social media, and is endorsed by high-profile Republicans like E.W. Jackson and Ken Cuccinelli. Other candidates on the Republican ticket include state Senator Amanda Chase, state Delegate Kirk Cox, published author and former president of the Center for European Policy Analysis Peter Doran, former Trump Pentagon official Sergio de la Peña, and former Roanoke Sheriff Octavia Johnson – who would be the first black woman to hold Virginia’s governorship.

Unlike a traditional primary, the Virginia Republican Party will use what is called an “unassembled convention” to select their nominee for governor this year. Under this system, voters must first sign up online to be a delegate to the unassembled convention. From here, the nominating process will look much like a traditional primary. Voters who sign up to be delegates will simply head to one of 37 voting locations across the state on May 8 and cast a single ballot using ranked-choice voting. The candidate with the majority of first-place votes will win the primary. If there is no candidate with a majority of first-place votes, the candidate with the least number of first-place votes will be eliminated, elevating the second-preference choice on those ballots to their new first choice, and the votes will be tallied again until a candidate reaches a majority of first-place votes.

May 8 could be the day that begins the decline of Democrat power both in Richmond and Washington.

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Dennis Wells
5 months ago

if they don’t eliminate the fraudulent voting machines and other fraudulent votes,the republican is defeated before it starts

5 months ago

I have lived in Virginia most of my life and have watched the state change before my eyes. I don’t believe it can possibly be a definitive indication of a national trend. Virginia has been hijacked and no longer represents the “Old Dominion”. I am in central Virginia and not a day goes by that I don’t see a very large number of license plates from New York and/or New Jersey. Nothing wrong with that except they often reflect a liberalization of what was a moderately conservative political landscape. Although the state has voted locally Democratic for many years, it didn’t adopt its radical leftist tendencies until Terry “McAwful” became governor. It has been downhill since then and the pace is accelerating. Now, Virginia could more appropriately labeled “East California”. In short, don’t expect anything from Virginia except a continued slide down the slippery slope!

K. Martin
5 months ago

If and/or until the Dominion voting machines are eliminated, I don’t see how any Republicans will ever win significantly enough to matter anywhere in states in which they are used.

Wayne Peterkin
5 months ago

I don’t know when a backlash may begin, but if it does not happen very soon this nation will be gone forever. Liberty once lost is never regained. Our ship is sinking fast and the Democrats are using every tactic they can conjure up, like election fraud, new states controlled by Democrats, packing the SCOTUS, adopting every illegal alien raiding our border, and more to insure they never lose another election. They don’t care what most people think and don’t care for the nation as a whole, they care about their own political power and will destroy everything in their path to achieve and hold onto it. We are seeing the worst threat to our country since the Civil War.

aluminum head
5 months ago

Those piles of crap, with Soros’ help, got David Bratt out of Congress. Another great man who is a non-friggin lawyer. If we got the lawyers and ( D ) communists out of office, this would again be the nation it was BASED on.

John fallon
5 months ago

Virginia was taken over in the same fashion as the nation, dead voters, ilegal votes from non residents, flipping machines, socialist cannot win HONEST ELECTIONS!! they only win because they cheat, prove voter fraud and we put the people in office that ACTUALLY WON!!!

Joyce McReynolds
5 months ago
Reply to  John fallon

Chinese organizations bragged about turning Virginia into a complete Democrat state.

Brenda Blunt
5 months ago

Payback time!!

aluminum head
5 months ago
Reply to  Brenda Blunt

No. Time to destroy the left / ( D ) communists. That is all they are.

H L Howell
5 months ago

why can.t the law enforcement develop a non toxic, non lethal spray of skunk spray and spray it on the rioters. immediate evacuation.

Lee S McQuillen
5 months ago
Reply to  H L Howell

Did you know that a skunk’s spray odor can go as far as a mile and a half? You have a great idea!

5 months ago

As long as it starts somewhere, I’m relieved. We’ve sat on our thumbs too long, but deSantis has been a great example of standing for Constitutional principles, and seemingly has prodded a few in Mo.. Tn. and Az. to stand up for America. I’m praying for the return of sanity to our great nation.

aluminum head
5 months ago
Reply to  Tish

Gov. Ron would make a great POTUS.

5 months ago

The backlash can start in Virginia. That’s as good a place as any! New York, Illinois, Commiefornia, Minnesota, Michigan, Washington , Oregon. Any one of those places. It won’t be accomplished by cash donations to PAC’s.

5 months ago

nope. The rest of virginia cannot out vote NOVA.

You guys are screwed

Good luck

5 months ago
Reply to  phoenix

And you’re deluded. We real Americans will never stop fighting for our country and our freedoms. Toddle on over to bsnbc.

5 months ago
Reply to  Tish

lol. Bonehead. I was at Lobby day when all the armed guys came. What did the legislature do… Whatever they wanted. Did they care? LOL No you are the one deluded. Your gun rights group STAYS OUT OF POLITICS LOL They don’t know its a cage match now. There is nowhere to run and they and the Republican party aren’t going to even show up.

The republican party that supported a DEMOCRAT for office what two governors ago lol.

Oh yeah you guys are going to fight sure….

They have NOVA a huge concentrated amount of liberal votes They eat, sleep, and live differently than anyone else in VA. They control the State. The Republican party is a joke in VA not even TRYING to run in all seats.

Good luck but Nope.

You guys are blue forever now. Tough luck but you did not see it and you got taken.

5 months ago
Reply to  Tish

Nope….he is right. They buy important votes. The democrat will win by a narrow margin. Just enough to stand up to a recount

5 months ago
Reply to  phoenix

Agreed and as a Native Virginian-in-Exile in a GOP dominated state, I would love to see SWVA and the counties of Central VA be annexed by other states. NOVA has too many liberals and DEEP STATERS for those counties to ever be fairly represented.

5 months ago

It cannot begin “soon” enough …. and hopefully, with a Vengeance even MORE “Virulent” than covid will ever be.

aluminum head
5 months ago
Reply to  Patty

I prefer an armed militia. Those anti-2nd ( D ) communist would have REAL problems.

Gunny Joe
5 months ago
Reply to  aluminum head

Are you a troll? Our just typing and not considering your words? I am a Marine retired, in the proper setting I can use inappropriate language better than most. My thoughts are always for our Nation and it’s People. I stand ready to defend such but talk here of armed anything is in my humble opinion not the place or time.I respect, will and have defended your right for free and public speech I just askyou consider the time, place, and your choice of words.

Sharon Ormsby
5 months ago

God works in mysterious ways. We can pray and hope.

5 months ago
Reply to  Sharon Ormsby

We’ll have to pray and hope, since they have the voting machines rigged already and have proved they can make that work. Hoping and praying for a legal and true result in Maricopa investigation…but not holding my breath.

Sharon Harrigan
5 months ago
Reply to  Sharon Ormsby

Yes, Sharon, we need to pray strongly the God will send another great awakening and revival to sweep America. Start with homes, families, schools, churches, and all levels of government, from the smallest town council to the capitol building in Washington D.C.

Art A
5 months ago


5 months ago
Reply to  Art A

Better hand count the votes and no mail in or absentee ballots unless you are disabled or not in your jurisdiction on voting (DAY). No dead voters or illegal voters either

Leon Czolgosz
5 months ago
Reply to  HocasPocas

Organize and break in a few days b4 election and destroy the machines.

5 months ago
Reply to  Leon Czolgosz

That’s pretty unorthodox, but it is one way to get rid of the Dominion virus. LOL

RJ from Arizona
5 months ago

Having lived in Northern Virginia for 30 plus years, Amac left out three other blue areas. Loudon and Prince William counties are all blue since they hold government employees. The Tidewatet region is also blue. The population density in the north is so high, the rest of the state cannot counter the leftists.
I truly loved Virginia when I was there, but I don’t think it will go red ever again. I hope I am wrong.

5 months ago

I live in southwest Virginia where there is some talk about this part of Virginia becoming part of West Virginia to escape the crazy liberal policies of northern Virginia, for which Governor Justice of West Virginia said he is ok with and would welcome us. If these crazy Dems stay in control, I would strongly support seceding.

5 months ago
Reply to  Felix

too bad its impossible, legally that is. But hey if they don’t follow the law why should you!

5 months ago

There’s a reason why Democrats have a “Jackass” as it’s mascot. They are ALL STUPID and STUBBORNLY STUPID at that!

John Karkalis
5 months ago

Virginia aside, the Dems have more serious nightmares.
An administration that can’t decide whether to to tack towards its left or towards a more “sensible” center is an administration in deep trouble.
Mother wisely said, “John, man up to your mistakes, don’t snivel”.
I voted for the incumbent.
Now? Well I’m not certain the nation has the resilience to withstand four years of Mr. Biden (if he survives that long without need of embalming fluid).
The article mentions two troubling trends. The assault on freedom of religion and the emasculation of the Second Ammendment.
Very troubling indeed.
I hope Amac members will overlook my senior moment back in November 2020.

J. Farley
5 months ago

No way, Virginia is an occupied state, occupied by the low life’s that work for the Federal Government, they will bow to the likes of Terry McAuliffe, and the rest of the hate America first crowd, Hell well have long froze over first .

5 months ago

Terri mcdouchnozzel was a terrible governor the first time. We need to take Virginia back before these idiots try to take our Rights (what we have left after Biden) it is out of control! Look at a red vs blue map. They have all the DC employees in Nova.

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