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With Crime Exploding, Democrats Become Anti-Police

crimeHow fast history changes.  How fast we forget – without order, there is no ordered liberty.  A year ago, Joe Biden boasted of the “Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994,” saying “the violent crime rate was cut in half” by that law.  Today, he calls police the “enemy” and pushes “defunding.”  His mental state, refusal of questions, rice paper persona aside, his reversal is tragic. As Biden leads an assault on law enforcement, crime is spiking – nationwide. See:  https://www.factcheck.org/2019/07/biden-on-the-1994-crime-bill/.

The irony is that Biden used to be a law enforcement supporter, if not quite the cape-wearing hero he imagined himself.  His committee managed the 1994 bill, which passed the Senate 95-4.  In those days, he boasted of police union endorsements, seemed to respect America’s police.

No more.  These days, as socialists subvert peaceful protests and his party, Biden has flipped –perceiving political advantage in demonizing, demoralizing, and now defunding the police.

The worst part is that Biden – and national Democrats – know this is wrong.  They simply do not have the courage to say so.  Nor will they if they gain control of the Senate and White House.  They are intimidated by and have become the far left – which means attacking old friends.

Democrat attacks on police are having an insidious, undeniable, potentially devastating effect on police forces, Maine to Florida, Maryland to California, Texas to New York.  It is measurable.

Largely unreported, violent crime is rising, police retiring, cities, suburbs, and towns suddenly insecure and worried.  Something the size of Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” would be needed to catalogue all the spikes in crime occurring across America, but examples are illustrative.

In a prosperous corner of Portland Maine, one day in June – during Black Lives Matter activism – 33 businesses were destroyed, looted, and damaged. “Bottles, rocks, and bottles of urine were thrown at police … people climbed on cruisers and pounded on windows,” Officers received injuries, while the city contended with fires and graffiti.  Multiply that by 200 cities.

In suburban Maryland counties, crime is up 30 percent.  Chicago has seen 95 murders in four weeks, 353 since January. Georgia’s governor has declared a state of emergency over shootings, mobilizing the National Guard.  Detroit homicides are up 30 percent.  In Los Angeles, homicides are up 250 percent. Seattle has seen a 525 percent increase in crime. See:  https://nypost.com/2020/07/02/seattle-sees-525-percent-spike-in-crime-thanks-to-chop-mayor-durkan/.

Meantime, “anti-police rhetoric” is destroying morale, leading officers to leave – and departments to wither.  In Washington DC, 71 percent of officers are “considering leaving” a force that is 52 percent Black. Nearly 40 percent aim “to leave law enforcement entirely.” See:  https://abcnews.go.com/US/us-cities-increase-violent-crime-police-group/story?id=71411919.

Of the top 20 most violent cities, 17 are led by Democrats, nonsensically pushing defunding. Two are led by Independents, one by a Republican.  See: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/bryan-preston/2020/07/09/video-you-will-absolutely-not-believe-what-bobby-beto-orourke-blames-for-spiking-violent-crime-n625863.  Leadership is nowhere to be seen.

In New York, nerves are raw, police exhausted, and crime rising – as budgets are cut.  In June, New York shootings and murders “spiked significantly,” 130 percent increase in shootings over 2019, with murders up 30 percent, burglaries 118 percent, auto thefts 51 percent.  New York’s politicians do not care.  New York’s Democrat Mayor de Blasio just cut the police budget by one billion dollars.  See: https://news.yahoo.com/york-city-mayor-says-cut-185716655.html.

Overwhelmed, 40,000 fewer arrests have been made in NY City this year. NYPD’s Commissioner says violence “puts innocent people at risk and tears at the fabric of life in our city,” even as Democrats shrug.  The 2020 class of 1,163 police recruits was canceled.  See:  https://www1.nyc.gov/site/nypd/news/pr0706/nypd-citywide-crime-statistics-june-2020. As one New York law enforcement leader warned, “we are starting to lose control.” See:  https://www.foxnews.com/media/suffolk-county-sheriff-says-bail-reform-and-police-demonization-reasons-for-uptick-in-nyc-violence.

On July 11, a group speaking for police was physically accosted, creating what reporters called a “blue lives brawl.” “Tempers flared in Brooklyn …as anti-cop protesters crashed a Blue Lives Matter rally, complete with furious finger-pointing and a lot of shouting, pushing and shoving.” See: https://nypost.com/2020/07/11/blue-and-black-lives-matter-protesters-clash-in-nyc/.

This is where America’s top Democrats – including pasty Joe Biden – are leading us.  Once proudly supporting men and women in blue, they are now anti-police.  America’s long-established rule of law, promotion of deterrence, high integrity policing, non-lethal responses to violence, qualified immunity for discretion under fire, recruiting and retention – have no support.

Democrats like Biden – who barely dares go outside – defend defunding and denigrating police.  Even in New Haven, Connecticut – home to Yale – Democrats are slashing police budgets, as crime spikes. See:  https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/new-haven-slashing-police-services-at-a-time-when-crime-is-spiking/ar-BB16s1q6.  Socialist politics has consumed sober reason.

This cannot stand.  It must stop.  Rule of law – which opposes discrimination and rampant violence, not to mention a radical socialist take-over of police – depends on the American People. Americans everywhere need to show support for selfless law enforcement officers.

Americans need to return to common sense.  Balanced reforms – as offered in Black Republican Senator Tim Scott (R-NC)’s reform bill, rejected by all Democrats – are timely. But needed too is prompt restoration of respect for police.  Without order, there is no ordered liberty. Without ordered liberty, there is no America.  Let us stand up, speak up, stop pretending otherwise.

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2 years ago

I would contribute money 2 replubicans but like demonrats they take your money saying they will help us. But as soon as they r elected they want 2 take away our gun rights. I said thie 4 times warning repukes they don’t listen & change their ways they r going down. The only Republican worth voting 4 is trump

2 years ago

The Democratic Party leaders are hopelessly in the tank for the crime ridden knuckledraggers and troglodytes infesting our major cities. To see all the old/white/scared party leaders bending over backwards to kowtow to the miscreants committing outright crimes against the country and its taxpayers, even encouraging them to continue the destruction, is something I thought we would never see in THIS country. Seems like the troublemakers from the ’60s hid out in the fantasyland of academia and infected the country’s youth with their poison, not instructing that youth, but indoctrinating them with Marxist and Maoist ideas. Freedom isn’t free, but the people out there with the signs and frozen water bottles don’t yet realize that, as they abuse that freedom.

Lucille R Mortimer
2 years ago


Lucille R Mortimer
2 years ago


2 years ago

The reference to 30+ businesses being destroyed in Portland, Maine in June….could that have been Portland, Oregon instead?

2 years ago


Stan d. Upnow
2 years ago

There needs to be organization on our side; there is now virtually none. Anyone standing alone against the violent mob either doesn’t have a chance, or like the McCloskey’s, will be villified, intensely harassed, and maybe even prosecuted.
“God made men and Sam Colt made them equal.”

2 years ago

“With crime exploding, Democrats become anti-police”. That just proves how stupid Democrats really are if you still had any doubts.

Harry Katsarelis
2 years ago

Democrats are Not just Defunding the police they are funding the criminals and encouraging rioting and looting and the Hollywood is paying to bailout these criminals. New York eliminated bail money and Most Democratic cities releasing prisoners under COV-19 virus because they Want them on streets causing violence! Most Republicans and Conservatives laughed at AOC Green New Deal proposal but Now this is being accepted by Joe Biden and Democrats are planning to go forward with this disaster of plan which will Destroy America from within America!

2 years ago

Why would any sane person vote for a Democrat? They take money away from protecting law abiding tax paying citizens and give it to illegal immigrants. Democrats need to cheat by the use of absentee and mail in ballots to win any election. And they have the wicked mainstream media covering over all the democrats improprieties and making up bs on President Trump. PTL for President Trump’s fortitude in combating the wickedness.

Sgt. Bill
2 years ago

It’s unfortunate, but a few bad actors have infiltrated the ranks of our police organizations. Why? Well, one reason is that the salaries offered are too low to attract the best of the best. If I were a 20 year old with a wife and a growing family to support, I would be looking at a line of work that might actually provide that support. Law enforcement would not be the first choice. Another problem is the fact that law enforcement recruiters tend to favor ex-military because of their existing firearms training, martial arts training, and physical conditioning. These are plusses, of course, but often the new officer is a combat vet who has developed a kill or be killed mentality as a result of the dangers he has experienced. It is nearly impossible to flip some switch in their brains to transform that mind set to a protect and serve mind set. We are all hard wired by our past experiences. Police recruiting and salaries need to be looked at very hard.

Betty Long
2 years ago

No coincidence, with Democrats wanting to get rid of out Protection and Law Enforcement Agencies and Departments, the Democrats mob, the “for hire” bad mobs, and the extended lockdowns. All the chaos, riots, terrorism are aimed at weakening us all down and our Country into bankrupted ruins. God bless our President, Vice President and all other awesome supporters’ American loving strength, dedicated work and service for a stronger America.

Last edited 2 years ago by Betty Long
2 years ago

The previous Joke that we had in the white began militarizing branches of the government building up their own brand of enforcement, fortunately for us comrade clinton was beaten and we survived the bullet for at least four more years…While in the Navy I was in countries where the military walked the streets carrying automatic weapons, this is where we could be headed if the left ever takes complete control

Allan Brem
2 years ago

It should be somewhat obvious as to which Party the criminals support.

Arizona Don
2 years ago

It is impossible to reason with an unreasonable person. These so called democrats seem to be unreasonable at this time (they were always unreasonable about some things but much worse today). Furthermore, it is impossible to convince some people that people who do not obey laws cannot be effected in any way by passing more laws. In other words if an “outlaw” does not obey laws how is it possible to think if just one more restrictive gun law is passed it will convince him or her to not carry a gun or commit a gun crime?  Now I ask you is that thinking reasonable? There are currently around ten thousand restrictive gun laws on the books. Do they work? No! So why do we keep beating this dead horse? We as a nation have been passing into law restrictive gun laws for around ninety years now. None, not even one, of them has ever worked to do what it was passed to do yet it is still on the books. Why?
Isn’t it about time some other method is used to actually reduce crime all crime? One thing is for certain defunding and reducing the size of our police force while releasing criminals from prisons will NOT reduce crime. BUT that is what the democrats are doing right now! Whose ignorant idea was that anyway?  And no the Chinese virus is not an excuse! Who will be responsible for the crimes THEY commit? The people who released them or the people who gave the order to release them or no one?  I bet I know the answer.
Several years ago the Phoenix Az valley was quickly becoming the kidnap, carjack and car thief capital of America. Very likely because of our proximity to Mexico. Something had to be done. Consequently, congress got together and passed constitutional concealed carry. No permit required to carry a gun concealed. And the Governor (Jan Brewer) signed it into law. We already had concealed carry with a permit but it was not enough. Some saw it as a way to register gun owners and would not get the permit. Nearly immediately after constitutional carry was signed into law crime started down but not just car jacking and kidnaping crimes “all” crimes. And has gone down “nearly” every year since. There is a lesson there but that lesson goes against the mind set of these gun grabbers so it is not feasible at least to them.  The lesson is guns in the hands of law abiding responsible citizens helps law enforcement and does not hinder it. Actually restrictive gun laws assist the criminals because they take guns OUT of the hands of law abiding responsible citizens. There are tens of millions of law abiding responsible citizens here in the United States.  
What the so called democrats do not seem to understand is they cannot ever, like in never ever, confiscate all the guns here in the US. There are just plain to many. If a law were passed making guns illegal they would just go underground. In any case they would still be here. It is impossible to confiscate them all especially from a citizenship that will not cooperate or comply with any law attempting to confiscate them. It is said there are around one hundred seventy five million gun owners here in the United States of America. That number is increasing very rapidly and every day right now. On some sites it is impossible to find certain calibers of guns right now. It is further said the average gun ownership number is slightly over nine. Now you do the math. 9 X 175,000,000.  How many guns does that say “could” be here?  Now how long do you think it would take government to confiscate them from a non-complying population? Decades or centuries?  
You should consider also the ammunition because it is an explosive it has gun powder in it. It could be used to make bombs. If there are but fifty rounds per gun average (I personally know people, reloaders, who have tens of thousands of rounds of ammo) how many rounds of ammo is that. Again you do the math. Perhaps you will begin to see what I mean. Now add to that most gun owning Americans know the history of Europe and Asia during the twentieth century when so many hundreds of millions of citizens were slaughtered by their own government(s) after the guns were confiscated and I suspect you will begin to realize why Americans will fight giving up their guns. They just will not do it here in America. Even if the second amendment should somehow be rescinded they will not give up their guns. 
Furthermore take a long hard look at the hate in the eyes of most if not all these so called democrats and you will understand what they would do if in complete control of everything like a dictatorship. They would do exactly what the dictators did in Europe and Asia eliminate those people they see as a threat to their power.  That would be all conservatives!  
I actually wonder when these gun grabbers will learn in order for a restrictive gun law to work the people, all the people, have to comply. Aren’t we smart enough by now to know no law works if it is not complied with?  Isn’t this demonstrated day in and day out especially when riots and looting are gong on? Rioting and looting are against the law you know. Constitutionally America is run with the consent of the governed. Not by force of the government! That is just one more thing that will disappear if we were to become a socialist nation remember that when you vote next November.  

Nancy Lipkins
2 years ago

IT’S time to lock and load and the one’s in ST Louis were right to keep the thugs off their property time to sue the idiot who ordered them to be arrested. they should have shot every one of the THUGS that came on their property

USA Defender
2 years ago

I’m waiting for a report on guns sales in the USA. With the increase in anti police movements and the massive defunding of police budgets, I have heard that many citizens are purchasing arms for self defense for their families. We all have the right to defend ourselves from all this inane criminal activity. The Democratic “comrades” are pushing for lawlessness in our great country and it may depend on us to stop them before it’s too late. Wake up Democrats and understand that your destroying the country your living in.

2 years ago

Another thought – as I read many of the comments below I kept asking myself will the voting public reelect these Democratic governors etc. My fear is that they will since so many millennials seem to want to push us into socialism.

2 years ago

And now Newsom plans to release 8000 more prisoners. Even if they want to obey our laws how are they going to eat or live without robbing or worse when the rest of the state can’t get jobs and now as of today Newsom wants to close down any indoor activity for groups of people. As we all know crooks can get guns if they want to do so. I guess NRA members are going to have to patrol our streets to keep the rest of us safe.

2 years ago
Reply to  Roger

Guess you heard that newbie said NO SINGING in church. If people do not stop he will close them down. THIS swine is what people want to govern them??? Course, newbie got it all from auntie piglosi. People need to take a GOOD HARD LOOK at the dimwitted dems and ask themselves…”do we REALLY want more of this?” Because that is what you are going to get if you vote them back in…AND WORSE!!!

Rick J.
2 years ago

The democrats want to get rid of law enforcement, so their leftist goons will have less opposition, when they try
to seize control of the country, after they are defeated in the 2020 election. The dems are determined to seize
control of the country by what ever means needed….. Arm yourself or be prepared to surrender your freedom.

2 years ago

Please note Senator Scott is from South Carolina not North Carolina as has been shown in several AMAC articles. We in SC are proud of the job he is doing representing us.

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