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With World Focused on Afghanistan, Democrats Hoping to Sneak New Tax Past Americans

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In recent days, the White House and Congressional Democrats have signaled that despite the ongoing catastrophe in Afghanistan, their top priority remains their radical domestic legislative agenda. This means that unfortunately, Afghanistan isn’t the only Democrat disaster Americans have to worry about this week. On Monday, the House of Representatives will return to vote on both a $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” bill and a $3.5 trillion budget bill—a $4.7 trillion package to transform America as we know it.

Even the $1.2 trillion bill, which has been dubiously dubbed “bipartisan,” would amount to a calamity in its own right thanks to numerous provisions in the 2,700 page bill that undermine any positive investments in traditional infrastructure. Chief among these is a pilot program for a vehicle mileage tax that, if enacted, would take more money out of Americans’ pockets and give the federal government more control over their daily lives.

So, what is a vehicle mileage tax? Quite simply, it is a tax on motorists for every single mile they drive.

According to the bill, these pilot programs have two purposes: (1) “to test the feasibility of a road usage fee,” and (2) “to conduct public education and outreach to increase public awareness regarding the need for user-based alternative revenue mechanisms for surface transportation programs.”

In other words, Democrats want to fund future infrastructure projects by tracking the location of every vehicle in America indefinitely. As the bill says, “the objectives of the pilot program are to test the design, acceptance, implementation, and financial sustainability of a national motor vehicle per-mile user fee, to address the need for additional revenue for surface transportation infrastructure and a national motor vehicle per-mile user fee.” After the program is completed, the Treasury and Transportation Secretaries will need to report the results to Congress so that lawmakers can assess whether or not to levy a national mileage tax. If given the opportunity, there is little doubt that a Democratic Congress would pass such a tax.

While it’s only a pilot program at this point, it is essentially a trial run for future expansion—and Republican critics have raised concerns that the effect will be an increase in government control over every American’s life. The pilot programs will recruit volunteers from all 50 states for both passenger and commercial vehicles, all of which will have their mileage tracked by GPS apps. Imagine that being applied to all Americans—everyone tracked all the time by the government, for the purpose of taxing every movement you make.

As Milton Friedman once quipped, “There’s nothing as permanent as a temporary government program,” or tax. Once legislators get their hands on a new means for taking money from Americans, they hardly ever let go. Moreover, it’s not realistic to assume a mileage tax would replace the current gasoline tax, but rather be added on to it.

A mileage tax would also allow the Left to continue implementing their socialist, redistributive agenda on a massive and unprecedented scale. Perhaps the closest parallel is the Democrats attempt to pass a national energy tax in 2009 (the bill passed the House). The law would have established a national cap-and-trade system that would allow the government to monitor and control anything and everything that emitted carbon. The excuse was to save the world from climate change. The caps on emissions were set to get tighter and tighter with each passing year, with the goal being a 17% reduction of carbon emissions from 2005 levels by 2020. Even without this massive government takeover, emissions went down by 15% by 2019. But the takeover would have empowered the Left to bestow and carve out all sorts of favors and exemptions for their cronies in the name of saving the planet.

A mileage tax would no doubt result in a similar sort of legalized corruption. If the federal government can tax every single American based on how they use their vehicle every day, such a tax could be easily exploited to the advantage of their favored constituencies.

This would have a particularly damaging effect on Americans living in the suburbs, which as many conservative outlets have reported, Democrats are no fans of. A mileage tax would necessarily be much more expensive for those who live in suburbs or rural areas who need to commute by car for work. It would also empower the left to build out mass transit systems on the backs of commuters, which as Stanley Kurtz, Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, has warned, would “force urbanites into suburbs, and suburbanites back into cities…then presto! You have effectively abolished the suburbs.”

Perhaps most alarming of all, the implications of a national mileage tax are ominous for individual liberty. In order for the government to actually enforce such a tax, they must necessarily have some means of tracking the mileage of every single American in this country. How could such a thing be accomplished without a massive system of GPS surveillance that would keep tabs on the location of virtually every American at all times? This is to say nothing of the fact that vehicles would necessarily become more expensive, as Americans would have to purchase their own trackers, or car manufacturers would need to include them in all new cars.

A mileage tax would not only be a financial boon for socialist dreams of selective redistribution, but it would also extend the grasping fingers of Big Brother into the lives of every American. With a foreign policy calamity and a litany of domestic crises already facing the country thanks to Democratic leadership, Congress may want to think twice before it tries to pile one more big tax on the backs of American families.

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1 year ago

Sure, redistribution of wealth is a great thing! Let’s start with the politicians pockets. Another thing to consider. They are Democrats, They are NOT democratic. Stop referring to them as such please.

1 year ago

Let’s cut to the chase. These “democrat” socialist/marxists are very evil people and have an agenda for destroying America. If WE THE PEOPLE let that happen, we are in complicity with them. If we are not willing to fight, then just sit back and follow the sheep to the slaughter.

1 year ago

The govment’ is pushing EV so hard that gasoline road use taxes aren’t paying the bills anymore. Who is paying for road maintence? I see the logic but hate to lose the freedom, it’s not like they could allow us to report mileage voluntarily, oh wait we do on our income taxes when we claim our mileage credits.

Stan d. Upnow
1 year ago

Years ago, the auto insurance co.’s offered a a substantial savings on your premiums IF you installed a monitoring device in your car AND your driving habits met their arbitrary requirements.
I fell for it.

Well, let me tell you it was just a scam. They denied me my rebate because their monitoring device reported to them that I “excessively accelerated”(I had to pass a car) and I “braked abruptly”(I had to slow for a speed bump). Meanwhile, they were mining extensive data about my driving regimen, such as– how miles driven per day/week/month, avg. speed driven, braking distances, time of day that trips were taken, etc, etc, etc.

After denying me my discount, and realizing the True reason for the device, I took it out and sent it back. They tried repeatedly to get me to reinstall it. I steadfastly refused. They raised my rates. I quit the company(Progressive). Gotta know that all the data they collect from these devices will be used to formulate an actuarial “risk profile” on you personally. They will then use that to justify a rate increase(possibly a Big one!). They didn’t admit it, but it’s a short guess that they also were tracking where you were at any given time and where your trip destinations were.

So you see, the technology has been out there for years. It will only be a matter of “law” for the your Leftist overlords to mandate(there’s that word again) that every vehicle be equipped with one.
Anti-tamper mechanisms will be incorporated with harsh financial/criminal penalties attached for attempted deactivation or removal of the devices.
The Bible mentions taking the Mark of the Beast in your wrist or forehead. How about in your vehicle?

Stan d. Upnow
1 year ago

There were 19 so-called “Republican” Senators who already voted FOR this bogus Infrastructure Bill.
You need to check if yours is among them. I’m ashamed to say Both of mine did. One is a proven RINO, who is demonstrably trying to do as much damage as he can before his announced retirement next year. That would be one Richard Burr. The other is Thom Tillis, who keeps claiming that he’s a Conservative, yet shows his true RINO colors with this vote.
I will petition my state Republican Party to officially censure both of these turncoats; about all they can do, I believe. I urge you to take action if any of your reps are among those 19 Quislings.

1 year ago

I remember reading something Will Rogers said back about a hundred years ago, when asked if he was a Republican or Democrat, and he answered (paraphrasing here) that he didn’t belong to an organized political party as he was a Democrat. He also said, when asked, if he worried about the shenanigans both political parties were capable of, and he replied (again, paraphrasing here) he was not, as the United States Constitution was strong enough to keep either party from ruining the country. WHAT would that good man think now if he could see all the BS that passes for day-to-day politics and government in our country?

1 year ago
Reply to  Sam

What would our founding fathers think? It’s not the same country that most of us grew up in. If WE don’t turn things around and educate the young (with the FACTS)………. we know what our future will be.

1 year ago

Where are the so called republicans on this issue? They talk big but when it comes to doing something they just give in to the democrats. They keep talking about the 2022 elections going to big win for the g.o.p. but we need things to happen now before it’s to late. They the republicans that you see on the news spouting off on how bad things are just interested in how much money they can make off their books and speaking engagements. They don’t care about us any more then the demos. Disgusted!

1 year ago

What uneducated fool would volunteer to be a test subject for a program that would track and tax you for every mile you drive?

Joe M
1 year ago
Reply to  Julies


Theresa Coughlin
1 year ago

The Democrat party has never met a money grab it didn’t like. This mileage added monstrosity is no different. This so-called “pilot program” violates Biden’s promise not to raise taxes on the middle class. Also. if anyone believes the lies being told to us that this program is (1) temporary and (2) any money that comes from this program will go toward funding future infrastructure projects, I have a nice cheap bridge I would love to sell you.

Charles Batteau
1 year ago

Actually, the “mileage tax” in itself is not a bad idea, since the revenue from the gasoline tax will decline as more fuel-efficient, hybrid and all-electric cars make their way onto the nations roads and highways. If such a tax were to REPLACE the tax on gasoline, I would not be opposed to it. It would also be superior to an tax on electricity, which is not just used for electric cars but also to power our homes, offices and factories (lights, heating & A/C, etc.).

The tax can be graduated according to the type of vehicle: motorcycles, automobiles, small trucks, large trucks and semi-tractors. Load capacity could also be used as a category for trucks. A separate category could also be created for farm vehicles, which operate mostly off-road and thus create little strain on our road infrastructure.

As to how to “collect” the tax, the mechanism can be simplicity, itself: Almost all states require an annual vehicle inspection (and those which don’t do so should). The odometer reading can be taken during this process (initially at the dealership of origin and subsequently by the inspection station) and reported to the state, which passes it on to the Feds. Yes, it will require creation of a database to maintain the records (and notify the “enforcers” if an annual report is not received) but that is far less intrusive than some writers’ nightmares of gps-based mileage tracking.

Stan d. Upnow
1 year ago

You have just repeated, almost word-for-word, the BS propaganda that the Progressive-Socialists are spewing to deceive the public into accepting their horrific “infrastructure” bill.
You are either a mindless idiot, Charles, or a Leftist troll. Not a good choice, either one.

1 year ago

We have that tax now it’s called Photo Voltaics, pre pay your electric bill for 20 years in the hope of breaking even by installing a system………

1 year ago

All electric cars will not be paying taxes on gas that we all now pay, a tax that supposedly goes toward infrastructure, maybe the mileage tax on only electric cars can replace that lost money, but the law would likely tax everyone.

Stan d. Upnow
1 year ago
Reply to  bryce

Bryce, you too? You’ve bought into the BS also. Don’t you think the Left, if left in charge, will levy additional taxes on the electric used to recharge those vehicles? You better believe it!
You’re aware of the law of supply & demand, I hope. Well, if a huge increase in demand via electric vehicles happens with no corresponding increase in production to match, what happens to the unit price of electricity? Look no further than the petroleum industry for your answer.

If the current gas/diesel consumption is wholly replaced with electric vehicles, it will require a Massive increase in electric generating capacity. Where is That going to come from? It will require a huge expansion(if possible at all) of existing power plants, and likely the construction of many new ones. In a twist of ironic stupidity, the overwhelming majority of those plants are run off FOSSIL FUELS!! Don’t forget your Leftists are adamantly against nuclear power, as well.

1 year ago

Biden/Obama/Harris will tax us until our US dollar is completely worthless and America is gone!!!

1 year ago

This is a nightmare waiting to happen. We absolutely DO NOT need our government to be able to track our every move. What’s next… having to carry “papers” to prove we are of the right political party in order to walk around our neighborhoods? This country wasn’t founded on government control of the people, rather it was founded on control of the government by the people!

1 year ago

I’ve been telling people that although the situation in Afghanistan is terrible, it’s also being used to divert our attention away from the steady push to turn our nation socialist/communist by the leftists. If they want you to look to the right, look to your left to see what’s really going on.

1 year ago

THE GREAT DISCONNECT! Looking at that picture of them all wearing masks, all I could think about was how they looked like socialist puppets. The behavior of these people border on or are criminal. And they wonder why the Populist protested at the Capitol on Jan. 6th.
Wake up fellow Conservative Populist Patriots.

Stan d. Upnow
1 year ago
Reply to  Duane

Don’t you know that mask mandates are simply control mechanisms. They do next to nothing that they claim they do. It’s all about desensitizing the masses to further govt. control. The Left is shrewd in inching towards their goals until, Viola!, it’s achieved in total; witness gun control.

The Leftist scum now in charge only wear masks when there’s a camera around. There have been numerous instances of them being caught privately without. Gov. Newsom(D-CA) is just one example.

1 year ago

There is already a huge federal tax on fuel that should be a road tax but , they dump all money in the budget and then overspend from there. In Mo. they did that with the lottery money so when they asked voters fo more fuel tax for roads we voted it down until that issue was fixed its accountability . The federal government is out of control and that is why it takes someone like Trump to fix it a non politician.

Stan d. Upnow
1 year ago
Reply to  PapaT

“Billions & Billions to education,” they claim in the lottery advertisements. Yet, the kids coming out of school are semi-illiterate dumbasses. Worse return on investment dollars I’ve ever seen, OR, they are lying about where the money is being spent. You decide.

Douglas Tulloh
1 year ago

The Democrats are trying to destroy this country, I don’t believe they will ever take control in any capacity again , bring on the Kraken

Stan d. Upnow
1 year ago
Reply to  Douglas Tulloh

“I don’t believe they will ever take control in any capacity again”

Right. Until the next stolen election.

Mary Smith
1 year ago

Will never vote Democrat ever again, neither will my family. Shame on all of you with President Biden at the top.

1 year ago

The old saying “Nero fiddled while Rome Burned”. Quit playing “Smoke&Mirrors” with AMERICA and put this nation back together.

Stan d. Upnow
1 year ago
Reply to  johnh

That will only happen with a right-thinking Independent. Trump was basically one, but had to run on the Republican ticket as a matter of electoral practicality. Most of the GOP is just as corrupt & ineffectual as the Progressive-Socialists, though not quite as destructive. That is exactly why many so-called Republicans hated him and betrayed him. They are willing to get in bed with the Left to perpetuate the Establishment reign.

Stephen Walter
1 year ago

Would it not be easier to put tolls (or increase) on interstates. This way the people who use the road would be paying for the road. If you do not want to pay the toll, take the alternate non toll road. In addition to level the playing field they would have to add an electricity tax to anyone driving an electric car. If they do a mileage tax, it could be voluntarily reported with the IRS auditing a certain percentage. But there is no need for anyone to be tracking everywhere you go, of course if you have your android on with location it essentially is.

1 year ago
Reply to  Stephen Walter

Why not just quit wasting our money and lower taxes?

Stan d. Upnow
1 year ago
Reply to  Diane

That would be like driving a stake through the heart of a vampire.

Stan d. Upnow
1 year ago
Reply to  Stephen Walter

“If you do not want to pay the toll, take the alternate non toll road.”

That is a scam in itself! They built an expansion on I-95 in FL to ostensibly deal with the massive traffic jams on that roadway due to population increase. Here’s the rub– In order to use those two lanes, you have to pay a hefty toll each time. So, you either pay through the nose, or deal with the traffic jams. The politician scumbags effectively did nothing to alleviate the congestion on the highway for the average commuter. The irony was that even those toll lanes became parking lots at times.

Also, understand that EVERY SINGLE PROPOSAL coming from the Left is geared towards advancing their Progressive-Socialist agenda. Who’s gonna pay all those mileage and electric taxes? Why, people who work and commute to their jobs, along with anyone owning a vehicle.
That leaves out a huge percentage of the urban populations. And who makes-up the Left’s voter base? And can’t you guess how much of that proposed increased tax revenue will go to their “equity” and “social justice” programs to benefit that base and buy their votes?
Think man, Think!

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